Come and live where New Zealanders most want to live – Tauranga, in the sunny Bay of Plenty.  One of New Zealand’s most popular holiday destinations and a thriving port city, Tauranga is leading the country for economic growth, meaning there are plenty of career and business opportunities for people considering moving to New Zealand.  It was the country’s fastest growing regional economy in the year to March 2015 and topped the list in terms of job growth from 2013 to 2014, at a massive 13 per cent.  Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in entrepreneurial activity in Tauranga, putting it on the map as a place where innovation is happening and attracting other businesses.  In a country renowned for its natural beauty, it’s the quality of life that sets Tauranga apart.  It offers plenty of space, world class surfing beaches, bush clad mountains, affordable housing and great facilities – all minutes from the city centre.  It is well known for festivals and events, and the sunny climate means these activities can be enjoyed all year round.  Tauranga can be ‘your place to shine’, with a range of career opportunities and a way of life that is the envy of most other parts of the world.



Over the last few years the Tauranga economy has undergone a significant transformation, with an increase in businesses moving to the area, a rise in new start-up companies and strong job growth, resulting in the diversification of key employment sectors.  It is increasingly becoming a hub for entrepreneurs and innovative companies, underpinned by investment in research and development.  A new university tertiary and research campus is planned for Tauranga’s city centre and we’re already a major centre for marine-based research for pharmaceutical and agrichemical innovation.  Tauranga also has strengths in areas such as specialised manufacturing, primary sector automation technology, natural health products, boat building, IT and high-end food manufacturers.  The establishment of a new government-supported technology incubator in Tauranga is accelerating the growth of innovation, which is supported local angel investors – Tauranga’s Enterprise Angels is the largest angel investment organisation in New Zealand.



One of the largest drivers of business relocations and job creation is proximity to the Port of Tauranga – the largest export port in New Zealand and among the 10 most efficient ports in the world.  The port has a $350 million capital development programme underway which includes deepening the harbour to allow the next generation of container ships to be accommodated.  Tauranga is located within New Zealand’s ‘golden triangle’, bounded by Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga, which is responsible for around 65 per cent of the country’s freight movements and a third of the country’s gross domestic product.  Strong growth is projected in this area over the next 20 years, when it will comprise over half of New Zealand’s total economic activity and 53 per cent of its population. 



The great lifestyle has seen the population of Tauranga double over the last 20 years.   This strong growth is reflected in the vibrancy of the area, including a strong climate of goodwill and support, particularly within the business community.  There are lots of people here who are passionate about contributing to the growth of the area and are keen to collaborate to ensure Tauranga remains a fantastic place from which to work and do business.  These relationships are future proofing the area for ongoing growth and development, meaning we are increasingly becoming the location of choice for business relocation in New Zealand.



The quality of New Zealand’s education system is world renowned.  With Tauranga one of the most sought after places to live, the city attracts teachers of a very high calibre and has excellent educational facilities.  There are many choices when it comes to how primary and secondary school education is delivered, ranging from state funded co-educational schools and single sex schools, as well as private education providers.  Tertiary education facilities include a university, a polytechnic and a broad range of private training institutions providing practical, skills-based courses.



Ignition was established in 2012 as Tauranga’s first coworking space, specifically designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.  The initiative supports early stage entrepreneurs and promotes commercialisation by providing office infrastructure to those that are self-employed, freelance or from out of town in an environment that encourages networking, collaboration and innovation.  In addition to enabling further growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Ignition provides a landing pad for new businesses to the city.



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