PSS Removals - NZ Removals & Baggage

PSS International Removals attend each Seminar to explain the process when sending personal effects, household items and motor vehicles to New Zealand. At the events they cover:

  • The different options available. Whether you should be looking to ship or airfreight your personal items abroad.
  • Offering free home surveys and the best time to do so.
  • Transit times and costs involved.
  • Customs clearance, Quarantine inspection and how to avoid any unforeseen costs.
  • Storage if required,
  • Delivery and Unwrapping.

You can speak with them at the Seminar on a one-to-one basis to find out how they may be of assistance and offer advise on any relevant concerns.

After the Seminar, PSS international Removals can arrange a visit you at a location convenient to you for a free, no obligation survey, where you will get the opportunity to speak with them in much more detail.

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