New Zealand Skills in Demand - NZ Jobs

New Zealand Skills In Demand Limited is a Kiwi-owned and operated company with permanent offices in Christchurch and London.

New Zealand Skills In Demand specialises in connecting job seekers from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, South Africa, Canada, USA and other countries to great New Zealand companies. It works with employers and recruiters across all sectors operating in both the South and North Islands of New Zealand.

New Zealand Skills In Demand’s London-based team consists of Susanna Dyson and Rachel Beattie. As Candidate Managers they both work closely with candidates who are looking at making the move to New Zealand. 

In Christchurch we have Glenn Davis who is the Account Manager for New Zealand Skills In Demand. Glenn is constantly establishing new relationships with companies and assisting new arrivals. Guy Lemon is a Candidate Manager who has recently moved to Auckland after spending a few years in the London office. 
Susanna and Rachel will be representing New Zealand Skills In Demand at all of the This Is  New Zealand Seminars/Webinars and will be speaking about job opportunities across New Zealand.