Welcome to the This is.. New Zealand Webinar series, hosted by Migration Associates and New Zealand Skills in Demand. These webinars are proudly sponsored by the Bank of New Zealand and Migration Cover.

The Webinars are designed to provide people looking to emigrate to New Zealand with a first-hand account of:

  • Life in New Zealand
  • Cost of living in New Zealand
  • New Zealand Education system
  • New Zealand Healthcare system
  • Cost of housing in New Zealand
  • Employment in New Zealand
  • Job opportunities in New Zealand - including in Christchurch as part of the Christchurch Rebuild
  • Obtaining a visa for New Zealand
  • Other aspects of emigrating to New Zealand

The organisers and presenters of This is.. New Zealand Webinars are Kiwis who work in the immigration industry in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are supported by those whose core business is to assist skilled migrants to get to New Zealand - including assisting with banking, money transfer and furniture relocation.

There will also be a specific focus on New Zealand job opportunities. It will cover sectors including Trade & Construction, Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Healthcare, Teaching & ICT.

At the Webinar, you will be encouraged to ask questions and will be able to speak to the experts via online chat during the session. This Webinar is an essential step for anyone looking to emigrate to New Zealand.

To prepare:

As you will have the opportunity to speak to New Zealand recruitment specialists, we advise that you prepare your CV beforehand, scan copies of any qualifications and prepare up to date work references. You'll also need a scan of your passport at application stage so it's worthwhile preparing this now. Please also prepare any questions you may have for us.