Moneycorp - NZ Foreign Exchange

Moneycorp are a money transfer specialist company, helping those moving to New Zealand with their international currency transfers.

One of their experts will be in attendance at every Seminar to provide an overview of the New Zealand dollar and explain how you can get the best exchange rates. It's a great opportunity to engage with the company face-to-face, and they look forward to personally answer questions in real time.

Regardless of how small or large the amount you are transferring to New Zealand, they can help you save money by offering better exchange rates compared with the high street banks. 

In particular, they will also cover:

  • What makes exchange rates fluctuate
  • How a specialist company can offer you a better exchange rate compared with your bank
  • Different ways you can buy your currency
  • How you can start receiving updates on the New Zealand dollar

After the Seminar you can register for a free, no obligation account helping you plan ahead effectively for your move to New Zealand.