Migration Cover - NZ insurance

Migration Cover is the first insurance product of its type to reduce the risk and anxiety for migrants and offer peace of mind when moving to a new country. This product covers the policy holder’s travel, repatriation and potential job loss needs with additional add-ons.  Migrating should be an exciting time and this product has been developed, so you don’t have to worry about what could go wrong.

The company was conceived and this Insurance product was specifically created as a direct result of listening to migrants, understanding and empathising with their issues. The founders of the company are themselves migrants and used their experiences to address the issues they had faced when migrating to a new country.

A Migration Cover Representative will attend all This is New Zealand Seminars and will provide details and an overview on what is covered in this unique and innovative Migration Insurance Product.

With a range of Packages for you to choose from, your Migration Cover costs less than you think for peace of mind. So you can ‘Go with Confidence!’