What made you choose New Zealand - were there any other countries you considered?

We choose New Zealand because my sister and brother in law have been here for 6 years. There was no other countries just New Zealand.

What was your main motivation for migrating?

We have a 2 and half year old boy and we knew there will not be opportunities for him and it was not safe anymore in South Africa.

What were the initial steps you took? Did you attend any Webinars or Seminars?

We did attend the webinars and it was so inspiring. We also looked into the skills on the list.

How long did the process take from evaluation form to arriving in New Zealand?

About 3 months for me and my husband and another couple of months for our son, about 5 months all together.

Was there anything unexpected or difficult that you came across?

No nothing every worked out great and had so much help from Christine Yap and Borey Chum from the Migration Associates NZ office.

Now you're in New Zealand, what's life like? How does it compare, and in particular Trevor's work as a Welder?

It is good we are so happy. Our son is in a kindergarten and I got a job. It is definitely different as it was in South Africa and the housing is I think the most expensive thing of all. But we found a great place in Wattle downs, a bit small but feels like home.