Partner Services

Emigrating to New Zealand takes a lot of time and organisation. It is imperative that you understand all aspects of your move to allow you to plan effectively.

This is New Zealand provides you with an opportunity to attend an event that is local to you, and will allow you to personally speak with companies that can assist you with your move to New Zealand - including assistance with banking, money transfer, relocation and furniture relocation. Assistance with obtaining jobs in New Zealand and obtaining a New Zealand visa will also be on offer.

All of the companies attending the This is New Zealand Seminars are recognised as industry leaders in their sectors and will collectively work as a team to assist you with your move to New Zealand.

Because everyone's situation is different we encourage you to come along to the Seminars and speak to someone in person. As they say 'a goal without a plan is just a dream'.

Information on each partner is also provided at our Webinars.